Large Animal Medicine

Our skilled team provides services for large animals.

While many animal hospitals are only equipped to provide care for standard companion animals, like dogs and cats, our skilled team provides services for large animals, too. At Hope Animal Clinic, we are proud to practice large animal medicine and offer compassionate veterinary care for horses, cattle, sheep, goats, and pigs. Whether your dog needs dental care or your horses are due for vaccines, we are here to tend to all of your animals' needs.

Services for Large Animals

Our expert team follows the latest recommendations for ensuring your animal’s long-term health and wellness.

Our annual engagements include a physical examination, a soundness examination, vaccinations, parasite control, blood testing, nutritional guidance, Coggins Test for equine patients, and more.

We are proud to provide clinical and critical care and diagnostics, including annual wellness and sick exams, bloodwork, and fecal tests. Our facility has been carefully designed to provide a safe environment for your animal. While we are equipped to offer many services at your farm, many conditions are best handled at our facility where we have access to in-house equipment for diagnostics, a full pharmacy, and convenient distance to provide daily examinations and treatment protocols. In addition to our in-house diagnostics, we work with several reputable reference laboratories to ensure we provide the best quality care for our large animal patients.

Large Animal Medicine

Health Certificates and State Inspections

Whether you are traveling out of town or to another state, we provide the proper examinations, vaccinations, and documentation required for your travel plans. We encourage you to contact us as early as possible to ensure that there is plenty of time to take care of all the necessary services and paperwork.

Equine Dental Care

Horses have unique dental needs, and we provide teeth floating services to meet them. Horses’ teeth continue to erupt from their gums throughout their lives. This provides them with a renewing grinding source. Unfortunately, their teeth are prone to developing sharp points, which can cut the cheek and tongue. Horses may also experience tooth fractures, tooth loss, or abscesses.

At Hope Animal Clinic, we recommend an annual dental examination and float to monitor and promote good oral health. Our team utilizes well-designed restraint methods, sedation, and advanced power equipment to safely work in your horse’s mouth and prevent injury to both your horse and our team.

Horse getting examined

Additional Services

We strive to provide a complete range of services for our equine, bovine, ovine, caprine, or porcine patients. In addition to the services listed above, we offer ophthalmology, lameness exams, joint injections, and more. If your animal requires a service not mentioned, please contact us to see if we can help.

Horse getting examined

Large Animal Medicine in Marble Falls

For large animal medicine in Marble Falls, Texas, and the surrounding areas, look no further than Hope Animal Clinic. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.